Recently I had the following requirements for a ZK Listbox:

  • Right click menu [ options dynamic based on properties of the object backing the row selected ]
  • Be able to select multiple rows (for deletion) with checkboxes

The listbox started out without having the multi-select option. So initially I had a backing “selectedItem” property in my backing ViewModel. Since I built up my dynamic right-click menu as well in this ViewModel, in order to access properties of the row selected, it was just a matter of reading them off the selectedItem property in my view model.

So for example my Listbox initially was set up with

<listbox id="executionsList" model="@load(vm.executions)"
	selectedItems="@bind(vm.selectedExecution)" ... />

When building my right-click menu in my ViewModel, I just read what I needed from the bound “selectedExecution”

However, once I needed to introduce the multi-select options, things became a bit uglier. To setup a listbox for multi-select (with checkboxes) you add both the following properties to your listbox: checkmark=”true” multiple=”true”

But you’ll also need to keep track of the multi select items so you’ll need the selectedItems property as well. So something like:

<listbox id="executionsList" model="@load(vm.executions)"
	 checkmark="true" multiple="true">

Things became buggy, however, when I also wanted the ‘selectedItem’ property on the listbox for use with my right-click option. Without getting into the details of what went wrong using both selectedItem and selectedItems, I opted to just get rid of having right-click trigger the row being selected and handled retrieving the row directly in the right-click menupopup method defined in my ViewModel. This gave me a ‘decent’ approach: multi-select worked as expected, and right-click ONLY handled the row that was being right-clicked on (and it did NOT trigger the row being selected for multi-select.)

So here is what was done from a code perspective:

The ZK listbox relevant info:

<listbox id="executionsList" model="@load(vm.executions)"
		 checkmark="true" multiple="true">
	<listhead sizable="true">
		 <!-- not shown for brevity -->
	<template name="model" var="item">
			onRightClick="@command('getExecMenuPopup',, execution=item)">

In order to disable having right-click trigger the row selection, add the following somewhere on the page before your listbox

<custom-attributes org.zkoss.zul.listbox.rightSelect="false"/>

or if you want it global, in your zk.xml file add:


In my ViewModel I built up my menupopup…

public void getExecMenuPopup(@BindingParam("target") Component target, @BindingParam("execution") final Execution content) {
	Menupopup menuPopup = new Menupopup(); 

	Menuitem viewSpec = new Menuitem("View Details [ "+execution.getId()+" ]");
	viewSpec.addEventListener("onClick", new EventListener() {
		public void onEvent(Event evt) throws Exception {
	//other items